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Mahhogany Place 3 News - Helena DuplexWorking mom Joanne Quintas wants her family to live in someplace spacious and clean very much unlike a condominium in the heart of the city.

As a young family, space is everything. Without the freedom of space, everyone will get in each other’s way and there will be no difference between private time and family time. This becomes problematic for new families with young children. While a condominium provides security and amenities that the kids can enjoy, the problem is they are never big enough for the whole family. Room sizes are traded for more rooms and the kitchens are smaller, bedrooms are smaller. It’s a big sacrifice to make.

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So Joanne Quintas, actress, make-up artist and mom, prefers to stay away from condominiums. “The fact that I have kids means that I shouldn’t live in a condo,” she says. “Otherwise it’s like living in a hotel for them. Being in an actual house is always a different feeling and a place like Helena is a great starter home for a family like mine.”

Helena is one of the developments in Mahogany Place III in Taguig and yet it has all the facilities that make condominium living so attractive but with the space of a real house. “My kids can feel part of a community,” Joanne shares. “And they can avail of the great amenities like the pool, park, and playground area.” It has 24-hour security service as well which means all day and all night protection for your loved ones. And since it’s not a condominium, it has high ceilings and a whole lot of space for everyone.

In fact, it is customizable and that makes it even more appealing for Joanne. “This way I can make it kid-friendly and make big bathrooms,” she exclaims. “I also like the kitchen area. Since I’m an HRM graduate, I love to cook which means I always want a big and nice kitchen. This way I can cook for and with my kids.” To add, Helena has oversized doors, 3 bedrooms, an open floor lay-out, and high-end finishes. It’s got 2 car parking docks and generous balconies. It’s a real home!

And it’s a home that’s not in the middle of the city with all the pollution and the noise. “Since I have kids, it’s important that we are away from the congestion and pollution,” says Joanne. Mahogany Place III is accessible from c5 and is only a few minutes from The Fort and Makati and is nearby all access routes to the rest of the city. And what are the advantages of this? Joanne quickly answers, “With Mahogany Place III, it is within the city proper and not in the heart of the city. The place is roomy and so quiet that she has the feeling that she’s outside Manila. But in fact, The Fort and Makati are really nearby. It has a really fresh and clean feeling”

Joanne sometimes finds herself coming home from a shoot or a taping very, very early in the morning. Sometimes, she comes home at 6am and just as she is about to sleep, the rest of the city wakes up. The noise of car horns makes sleeping very difficult for her. But she won’t hear any of those noises in Helena. For her family, Helena in Mahogany Place III is the perfect choice.

Condominiums offer so much but lack in what makes a home a home- space with which to do your favorite things with your family. Helena is the kind of house that families can grow in, and can be themselves in. It’s fully customized to suit your needs and is ready for occupancy.

“It is great value for money, especially since you get a lot and a house, all brand new and ready to move in,” explains Joanne. “And because you can customize it, this means this is a home that you have created that you and your family will really love and really use  based on the way you live and what you like”

Take it from this busy working mom’s happy smile.