Mahogany Place 3

June 8, 2009
The home of your dreams at Mahogany Place 3
Philippine Star, Construction Section – January 16, 2009
Philippine Daily Inquirer, Property Section – January 17, 2009
Business Mirror, Construction Section – February 5, 2009

What Filipino family doesn’t yearn to buy the house of their dreams? Whether you work here or abroad or run your own business, having your own house is one of the priorities a family places an emphasis on.

It’s not surprising that Filipinos place a premium on owning their own house and lot. DMCI Homes Project Development Manager Patty Porto says “many people resist going into condominiums because there is no actual land title attached to their ownership of a unit. Very traditional Filipino families still believe in owning titled land because they intend to bequeath it to their children in the future.”

Since there’s not a lot of land available in Metro Manila for subdivision developments, many developers are now going up to provide families the homes they need. And while there are still those who resist the idea of going into condominiums, many families opt to buy units in high-rises because they prove to be practical in the long run.

DMCI Homes is now building Mahogany Place 3, a subdivision development in its Township Central in Taguig City that offers discriminating families the house and lot units they are looking for.

“Mahogany Place 3 is the newest subdivision nearest Bonifacio Global City and Makati,” says DMCI Homes’ Business Development Director Rey C. Salazar. “It will also probably be our last subdivision development in the area because the cost of such a development is quite prohibitive. For that reason, Mahogany Place 3 is really an exclusive development.”

Successful business executives will surely find the home of their dreams at Mahogany Place 3. Upwardly mobile and with a level of refined taste, they know what they want. They value their time with their family, and look for security, comfort and convenience. They travel a lot, both here and abroad, either for business or leisure.

Porto says, “They expect a lot from the residences they live in, but they do not have the time to personally design their own home. The free time that they have they’d rather spend with their families.”

Salazar adds that many of these businessmen are on the lookout for properties that they could bequeath their children. “Some of our customers have acquired properties for their children as a wedding gift or to help them start their own families,” he says. “Maybe, there are no more lots available in the subdivision they live in. Rather than buy a condominium in Makati, for the same price they can already get a house and lot at Mahogany Place 3.”

Since they are most probably members of respected business organizations, as well as exclusive organizations such as golf clubs, DMCI Homes has deemed fit to provide Mahogany Place 3 with country-club amenities that are not available in other residential developments.

Apart from successful business executives, Mahogany Place 3 is also an excellent community for balikbayans and professionals working abroad. In buying a home at Mahogany Place 3, they are able to provide their loved ones a home in a secured environment with the comforts and conveniences found only at Mahogany Place 3.

Mahogany Place 3 is a low density, Asian-themed residential enclave situated within DMCI Homes’ Township Central in progressive Taguig City. It offers a quality pedestrian environment and landscaped community spaces for affluent families with sophisticated taste in search of a home environment with themed gardens. The eco-friendly residential subdivision also offers concierge service, a plus that marks it as an exclusive community.

Mahogany Place 3’s location in Taguig puts its residents just a few minutes away from the Makati and Ortigas business districts, as well as major commercial centers, schools and medical facilities in the area. With its Asian contemporary designed houses, owners are assured of homes that are suited for tropical weather that will not date over the years.

Only a limited number of house and lots are available within the property’s eight-hectare expanse. This assures buyers of a low-density community with 24-hour security, a gated entrance and electrified perimeter fence. Its design of tree-lined avenues make walks around Mahogany Place 3 possible, while pocket gardens and public spaces bring nature close to you.

A central area houses the Grand Clubhouse with country club-like amenities including a mini-theater, sauna, dance room and fitness gym, lounge areas and both adult and kiddie pools. The Grand Clubhouse will also have service facilities such as laundry pickup and water refilling stations and a mini-mart.

There are four unit types available for Mahogany Place III: Tamara, a 120-square meter, three-storey duplex unit; Bela, a 240-square meter, two-storey single-detached unit; Helena, a 120-square meter, three-storey duplex unit; and Ariana, a 240-square meter, three-storey single-detached unit. Tamara and Bela offer fixed designs, while homeowners have the option to customize the Helena and Ariana units to suit their needs.

Both the Tamara and Bela units have large windows and door openings, landscaped frontage, wide hallways on the upper floors, and dining rooms that extend to a garden. However, in the Bela unit, the upper hallway can be transformed into a study area, and the master’s bedroom has a separate balcony area.

There is also extra bedroom for guests at the Bela unit located at the ground floor. Lolo and lola no longer need to climb upstairs to sleep at the end of the day. The kitchen also has a center island, a feature unique to this unit, that doubles as a preparation area and cocktail bar giving homeowners more room for flexibility when entertaining guests.

In the Helena and Ariana units, homeowners can easily access the outdoors from almost any part of the house through sliding doors. The large frameless glass windows add not just a sense of openness but also provide excellent cross ventilation and natural lighting inside. Adding further to this sense of openness and space are the double height ceiling in the living areas and high ceilings throughout the house. Decks and balconies are spacious and can be used as entertainment areas. Options for upgrades offer further design possibilities in Ariana and Helena, among them the conversion of the lanai area into a plunge pool, bedrooms into a family room (or vice versa), and the installation of a bathtub in the master’s T&B.